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We are manufacturers and suppliers of premium wood pellets in bulk. We deliver to any destination by sea, road or rail.

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Strada Iasomiei 89 Mărgineni 607315, Romania

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A leading supplier of wood pellets to business customers

Premium Wood Pellets Supplier

We are a leading company in the wholesale supply of biomass and specifically wood pellets for heat, energy and animal bedding. Our operations are headquartered inRomania and in the Baltic’s creating an unrivalled supply chain that has driven growth over the past couple of years. Our focus will always be on first class customer service and outstanding product quality. When we start working with a new customer we treat them like family, listen to feedback and make sure we are delivering a product they can be proud to offer their customers. Today we have experienced staff covering Logistics, Customer Service and Sales, and we are still the only Romanian company supplying wood pellets to maintain an office in the Baltic region.

Thomas Marker

Director of Manufacturing facilities company

6, 200

Tonnes wood pellets
shipped monthly


Domestic households
served each year


Acres of land protected
and regenerated


Sustainable wood pellets

Wood pellets serve a wide variety of functions in everyday life. We produce and sell wood pellets used for two different purposes:

  • Heating Pellets: Classic hardwood and softwood pellets provide clean, affordable energy. Keep your home warm all winter using our pellets without worrying about a hefty heating bill. Hardwood pellets burn at a slightly lower temperature than softwood pellets but can be more stable. Meanwhile, softwood pellets create slightly more heat for unusually cold days.
  • Cooking Pellets: To show our customers the capabilities of wood pellets, we started our Ol’ Hick product line. Ol’ Hick cooking pellets come from 100% hickory wood,100% applewood and also Jim Beam bourbon barrels — no added woods or ingredients. Use Ol’ Hick in your pellet grill to prepare meats and vegetables with a rich, smoky flavor. Choose the classic 100% hickory pellets or use the 100% apple pellets for a lighter, sweeter smoke.
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So far, I’ve only burned on the lowest setting and the stove drives me outside. I plan on buying a full winters supply now. Thanks,


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Is there any other location in our area that still has any in stock so we can purchase more? They are by far the best, cleanest burning wood pellets we have ever had in the 12 years of owning a pellet stove. Thank you!!!


AWS Solutions Architect
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I have been purchasing your wood pellets for 2 years now. I live in Buckley WA and purchase them at Home Depot in Bonney Lake. They are the best pellets I have ever used and believe me I have bought a lot of pellets in the last 16 years!

Vivi Marian

Solar System Expert
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