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We are manufacturers and suppliers of premium wood pellets in bulk. We deliver to any destination by sea, road or rail.

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15KG bag wood Pellets

Premium Wood Pellets

We are suppliers of premium wood pellets from softwoods like pine and spruce. We source our raw materials for the wood pellets from softwood residues from sawmills and other softwood processing factories. No whole trees are used during this production process. Softwood has a lower density than hardwood in its original form, so it burns faster at a higher temperature. We are suppliers of premium pellets based in Romania. Buy wood pellets from Romania

Specifications of our Wood Pellets

Moisture Content: <10%
Ash Content (db) : ≤0.7
Abrasion: <2.0%
Calorific Value: > 17mj/kg
Density: 650kg/m3
Burn rate: 98%
Diameter: 6mm
Length: 10-40mm
Packing: 15kg bags > 70 bags per pallet > 23 Pallets per truck

What are wood pellets?

As an alternative to fossil fuel, wood pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel, used for heating purposes. They are used in biomass boilers to produce heat, hot water in homes.

Wood pellets are compressed biofuel generally produced of sawdust. Wood pellets are a modern form of heating fuel which has more potential to reduce CO2 emissions. Wood pellets are cylindrical in shape, usually measure between 6-10mm in diameter and are 10-30mm long. Its moisture content is less than 10% that allows them to be burned with very high combustion efficiencies.

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