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You’ll find a lot of reasons why you might want to go green. These reasons include greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and climate change, increasing fuel prices, depleting natural resources and more. Are wood pellets environmentally friendly? In a single word, yes. Installing a wood pellet stove is one way you can go green and lessen your dependence on fossil fuels and natural gas. Learn more about burning wood pellets and this clean energy source.

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Are Wood Pellets Environmentally Friendly?

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Wood pellets are environmentally friendly. You’ll find several reasons why wood pellets are a green solution to your heating needs. These reasons include:

  • Wood pellets are a renewable energy resource. When buying a new furnace or stove, you’ll likely find lots of options to the types of fuel you can use. Propane, oil, gas, and electricity are all common options. Choosing a wood pellet heating system makes you part of a growing number of homeowners that rely on a renewable energy source. Choosing a wood pellet stove means you’re relying on an energy source that’s grown and recycled, not mined and drilled.
  • Our local pickup option and delivery service are green and efficient. Prodcar Srl offers several easy options for getting your wood pellets. If you’re local to Wilmington, Ohio, you can pick up your wood energy pellets in person from our manufacturing facility. If you are opting for our wood pellet delivery service, we take advantage of space on trucks already headed your way. Our simple logistics process reduces the carbon footprint involved with delivery and distribution.
  • Wood pellets offer low emissions. According to information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pellet stoves rate among the most efficient option for solid-burning heating methods. Because wood pellets are a dense energy source and contain little moisture and little ash, pellets burn completely and efficiently. This allows the hot air produced by your burn to be used efficiently to heat your home, business or commercial enterprise. Statistics from the EPA suggest that each ton of wood pellets burned instead of oil reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.5 tons.
  • Wood pellets keep pallets out of landfills. Prodcar Srl responsibly makes wood pellets from 100 percent recycled wood. This prevents retired pallets from going to landfills to rot. Because Prodcar Srl only uses pallets not treated with chemicals to make pallets and does not use binders in the pellet making process, our pellets are 100 percent natural and clean burning.
  • Our wood pellets are sustainable. Recycled wood is a renewable energy resource. Recycling wood shipping pallets prevents waste from going to landfills and creates an environmentally friendly way to heat your home, place of business or commercial site.

Not only are wood pellets sustainable and friendly to the environment, the little bit of ash produced by your pellet stove can be Earth friendly, too. You can use the ash produced by your wood pellet stove to fertilize plants around your home and garden. According to information from the University of Missouri, wood ash contains potassium, lime and calcium. These nutrients can be good for your garden and help your plants grow strong.

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